ISO Management Systems

Why should I follow my ISO management system  – well that’s a question we get asked a lot so we thought we’d explain.

In really simple terms  – if you bought a map, or have a satnav would you follow them to get to your destination, or would you just try and wing it?

You’d listen to the satnav or read the map right – well the same applies to your ISO management system.

By following your ISO management system within your company you have a track to run-on, or a proven way of doing something which will bring standard, constant and quality levels of service or product.

Sadly, it’s often the case that because of a lack of training, or a lack of guidance some employees may not know how something is done and without a clear direction they might do things their own way. Naturally this is likely to lead to deviancies, errors and mistakes, which can make things less efficient,, work needing to be done again and even complaints and customer satisfaction rates dropping.  That inevitably leads to a loss of income, increase in cost in terms of time and money and a drop in profitability.

Externally it can also lead to an increase in non-conformity actions from your chosen certification body.

So, unless you want to increase costs and hassle and lose revenue, why wouldn’t you follow your ISO management system? Simple eh?